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Welcome to Only Green Ecosystem Friendly Products
Only Green is dedicated to supplying Paint, Cleaning & Chemical Products that work,
that are not harmful to our environment and are cost effective.

Only Green is New Zealand made and our products are manufactured in New Zealand resulting in  lower
costs and less eco footprint for our planet.

Our Paints:
Where ever possible we use renewable resources, we minimise or don’t use solvents or harmful chemicals,
we add no amonia to any product. We pride ourselves that our paints are better for the family including people
that suffer with asthma or Eczema

What makes "Only Green" Products Environmentally friendly or aware?
Many products claim to be eco friendly while there is a lack of legal standards that make them accountable  
for Claims. For example the term Bio-Degradable is often used without any explaination. In fact virtually
everything is bio-degradable but could brake down in days,weeks,months,years,decades,centries or longer.

The following is the Criteria we have set for our range:

That it is locally made In New Zealand it is made in New Zealand resulting in less carbon foortprint
              or carbon miles.   i.e. Not imported.)

Bio-degradable- This is a term that is so missused , almost everything is bio-degradable , but what
                is the timeframe it breaks down, days,weeks,months,years,decades,centuries All our cleaning
                Products breakdown in a maximum of 21 days & most within a few days.

Healthy living-Using chemicals it is not just the natural environment we should be aware off but
                our living environment.  hence all our products are designed for people allergies,asthma & sensitivities

Low Toxicity-Non hazardous to both the environment and to the user!

Less packaging-Where ever possible we push the use of concentrates

Re-Cylcling-All packaging used is recycleable for cleaners and where possible with other chemicals.

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