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“ Only Green”  eco Primers & Undercoats

Only Green eco primers, undercoats and pigmented sealers are formulated for the professional  paint contractor and are made with the best materials And at the same time are very

conscious of protecting on environment.

“ EcoPrep” Primer & Undercoats

This is a unique primer undercoat with the benefits of being an  oil based primer and undercoat which results in stronger adhesion than waterbased  and yet  can be cleaned up with water.

Oil Based Primer undercoat

“ SealQuik” Pigmented Sealer

Out performs acrylic undercoats.

This is a Pigmented sealer performs like a traditional Oil-based Sealer but has two distinct advantages,

Unlike acrylic wallboard sealers it dries very  hard and has better adhesion. This is a time  and money saver for the paint contractor.

“ Bond’n Block” Satin Blocking Primer

Block is a Stain blocker primer.Like most stain blocking primers it has two main functions, firstly as a adhesion primer (or bonding) and secondly to block stains in preparation for top coats. Bond’n Block is superior to other water-based stain blocker’s with better adhesion and has better tannin hold out. It is quick drying and dries harder than water-based. With Shellac primers becoming too expensive, the older technology of water-based and traditional oil stain blocking primers, Bond’n Block is the one for your project and the environment.rms like a traditional Oil-based Sealer but has two distinct advantages,

Oil Based Stain Blocking Primer

Will bond to:

wallboard, MDF, timber, laminates, formica, ceramic tile, glass, PVC and more

Will block the following stains:

fire & smoke damage, crayon, graffiti,markers, fly dirt, oil & grease stains,and more

more about Bond'n Block
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