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Toxins and hazardous Chemicals in Paint.

Many paint manufacturers use hazardous chemicals and additives in the manufacture of their paint. Many ingredients in a paint formula are used because they are among the least expensive and also widely used ingredients. This is creating a legacy of environmental damage for generations to come.

Many oIl based (petroleum based) and water based paints and finishes contain toxic additives that are designed for a narrow short term benefit (such as killing fungus, mildew, or insects). With the increase of environmental awareness ,regulations, many paint manufacturers have been forced to reduce the VOC  (Volitile organic compounds) contents of their products.

VOCs are a large family of carbon containing compounds which are emitted or evaporate into the atmosphere where they participate in photochemical reactions. Some VOCs contribute to stratosphere ozone depletion, while other VOCs are toxic and/or carcinogenic.)

Toxic ingredients can impact the human body either by affecting the respiratory system, the eyes and/or the skin. Within the paint industry the respiratory system is the most significant route for poisoning. Substances used in the formulations of coatings, which can be inhaled, are primarily the vapors of volatile liquids and solids. Paints frequently contain skin-degrading solvents, as well as a variety of pigments and miscellaneous additives, many of which can be physiologically active chemicals. Human skin allows the passage of toxic substances. Propane sulfone, widely used as a paint vehicle, has been identified as being a powerful carcinogen and can cause cancer on skin contact.

Consumers can contribute everyday by refusing to purchase products which contain hazardous ingredients or offer inferior performance. And since paints and finishes are so widely used within both the home and commercial realms, choosing to use non toxic, environmentally safe paints and finishes can greatly reduce the amount of toxins emitted into the air, water and earth.

Toxic fumes, dangerous fungicides, and other hazardous ingredients are the technology of the past. Here at Only Green Ltd we are dedicated to protecting the environment by offering consumers a choice. Our premium blends of renewable Oil resins are designed to out perform traditional paints and off a beautiful finish for quality conscious consumers and applicators.  All our formulas are low odour, water reducible, non flammable, and contain sunscreens, trans-oxides, and/or U.V. stabilizers to help reduce damage due to climatic conditions.

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